Take your business to the next level using our Fleet Management System The system enables you to manage your fleet remotely by using your mobile phone, iPad, or your desktop. Our solution is tailored to enable effective and efficient management of fleets of long distance operators including trailers & haulers, buses, vans, matatus, corporates, and many others.


  • Real-time track by web system
  • Driver behavior and scores – harsh braking, harsh cornering, overspeeding of drivers
  • Improved driver performance
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance – through reminders set as per mileage scores
  • Able to re-upload the location data in the condition that the gsm signal is weak
  • Engine idle time- delays in delivery, unnecessary delays on the road, better route mapping
  • Reports – automated reports to your emails with over 100 reports to choose from as per customization



Allow individuals and organizations gain total visibility over the operation of their assets.

CANbus Integration

Engine Temperature
• Engine Temperature Monitoring
• Irregular Temperature Detection

Fuel Consumption
• Vehicle Consumption Monitoring

Driver Analytics
• AI Driver Behavior Monitoring

Vehicle Maintenance
• Vehicle Service Events
• Tire Change Intervals

1 Year Plan: 58,000
3 Years Plan: 97,440
5 years Plan: 109,040


Incorporates the power of Telematics with traditional systems to allow monitoring on older generation trucks.

Fuel Fill & Drain Alerts
• Fuel Level Before Refueling
• Current Fuel Level at any Time
• Accurate Measurements to Fill Up Events

Instant Reports
• Over speeding Prevention
• Speeding Recording Solutions
• Vehicle Tracking Solution

Vehicle Dispatch Analysis
• Late Dispatch Instances
• Late Return Instances By Vehicles
• Off Premises Stoppages By Vehicles

Harsh Driving Alerts
• Inappropriate Driver Behavior
• Realtime Visibility of Delivery Routes
• Enhanced Review of Trip Instances

1 Year Plan: 69,600
3 Years Plan: 109,040
5 years Plan: 120,640


Leverages on AI to combine the power of Telematics with advanced video monitoring systems.

AI Camera Integration
• Unauthorized Passenger Identification
• Driver Fatigue Identification

Live Trrip Streaming
• Cargo Surveillance

Trip Violation Alerts
• Distracted Driving
• Tailgating
• Stop Sign Violations

Road & Driver Combined View

1 Year Plan: 92,800
3 Years Plan: 139,200
5 years Plan: 149,640